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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Some time has passed since I watched Batman Vs Superman and honetly, I am not sure I have gathered my thoughts very much. So I’m going to talk about things in a kind of bulletpoint-y kind of way. Also  I wanna start by saying I really did enjoy it, because it’s going to sound a lot like Ii didn’t. SPOILERS

Portrayal of women
  • Senator June was great. But she was about the only one.
  • Wonder Woman was pretty cool but mostly she was just a vague mysterious woman with no real characteristics who just suddenly donned a revealing suit and started fighting.
  • Lois Lane was the worst. She wasn’t all that bad in Man of Steel from what I remember, though I feel the need to rewatch it now to be sure. In this film they tried to make her a ‘strong woman’ because she was ‘fiesty’ but for the most part she was literally just there to attract Superman’s attention. It was appalling. I was so disappointed.
  • Martha (Kent not Wayne). What the hell were DC thinking with the same name thing? They’re just a birth giving they don’t need individual characteristics. Martha was a great mother character, but again she was just there to be leverage.
  • I really didn’t like the thing where a boys first weakness is his mother. It just continued to empathise the pathetic belief DC seem to have that women exist to give birth and be leverage to advance the males plot.
  • Also the fucking bath scene with lois?
  • I wasn’t keen on Batman. I really wasn’t. Personally I found him a bit too dark. I didn’t like the branding thing at all.
  • I really loved him at the beginning though. When it clearly cared about the individuals at his workplace who were hurt in the destruction and tried to help.
  • Ii did like the shift between what Batman could do and what Bruce Wayne needed to do.
  • I also liked that even a Batman who was “too old to die young” was still dependent on Alfred.
  • At first I was like nope, who does this guy think he is? He just appeared out of nowhere and saved the day.
  • In the end I loved that.
  • The opening montage was brilliant of showing how Superman was being seen by the general public, the media and politicians.
  • I loved Superman and Clark Kent by the end.
  • Sorry guys, I am definitely team Superman.
Inline images 1
  • Hows this for showing America’s reaction towards immigrants. They always call anyone who’s not American an Alien. Earth for humans is a non subtle America for Americans.
  • It’s well portrayed. Sometimes we need non-subtle.
Batman vs Superman
  • So the battle itself was pretty awesome. I enjoyed that greatly.
  • But there was literally no reason for them to be so against each other before Luthor’s intervention… They were both doing exactly the same thing and hating on the other for it.
  • Plus they’re suddenly buddy buds because Martha is his mother’s name. Such plot DC, much well written.
Why make it so obvious that he’s not actually dead?
I mean really.
It was heartbreaking.
Kudos to DC for making me care about Superman. Ii’m sure i have more to say but i can’t think of it rn.

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