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Finale || Breaking Bad

A couple of weeks ago I finally finished Breaking Bad on Netflix. Now Breaking Bad is a show that I am very much on my own when it comes to watching. None of my closest friends watch it, despite my insistence. Because of this I haven’t had much of a chance to discuss my thoughts and debate it out with anyone, which is a strange feeling.

At the end of the final series of Breaking Bad, we know that Hank has been killed by Walter and his family are aware of it. They hate him. Jesse is kidnapped and forced to cook and Walter gets them out. Jesse gets away and Walter ends up dead.

Let’s start with Jesse. Throughout the five series of Breaking Bad we see Jesse go from small time drug addict, to big time drug dealer when he gets caught up with Walt. Jesse goes from hell from beginning to end of the series. We see his parents believing him to be doing drugs in their home, when it is in fact his brother. We see his girlfriend die from heroin (and go on to become AKA Jessica Jones). Then it goes as far as torture and being held hostage and forced to create drugs.

The last time we see Jesse he looks like the above picture. He’s in a car driving at some god-awful speed and laughing like the Joker. For me this leaves me with more questions than it answers. I understand that Walter is the protagonist of the show but I was really not satisfied with the ending that Jesse was given.

Freedom mixed with horrors of the past must lead to PTSD at the very least for Jesse and while I know they couldn’t have given a completely what-happened-next for Jesse (or anyone really) I would’ve liked a bit more than him just driving into the night looking like he was going to crash at any given moment.

Moving on to Walter, it was clear that he had to die and honestly I have no issue with the fact that he did. The character development of Walter was brilliant and horrific to watch. At the beginning of the show Walter was a loveable family guy who had been through into an impossible situation. By the last series Walter had turned into a complete monster who wasn’t in the drug business because he needed the money anymore but because he wanted it, because he seriously enjoyed it.

It got to the point where I didn’t sympathise with Walter at all, I didn’t like him and I was looking forward to his downfall. I knew that he was going to die because of spoilers I saw, but I had no idea how it was going to happen. To be honest, the death itself there was little wrong with. That was done all right in my opinion.

The thing I was a little disappointed by was the fact that it was the very end. On one hand  I completely understand it. Breaking Bad was the story of Walter White, so what better place to end it than with Walter  White’s story ending. On the other hand, it didn’t feel right. He died and we saw nothing. Nothing of Flynn,  Skyler, Marie, Jesse. The story just didn’t feel complete. Breaking Bad may have been the story of Walter White but as the seasons went on it was the story of his family and Jesse as much as him so to have it just cut out there was a little disappointing. But as I said, I understand why it was done the way that it was.

To be honest I am going to miss Breaking Bad and the world it is set in. At least I have Better Call Saul to keep me going with Saul and Mike.




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