Apologies and returning

It has been well over a month since I last posted on this blog (or any of my other blogs on WordPress). I want to offer an apology to all of my readers and let you know that I am returning and will now be posting three times a week. Monday, Friday and Sundays. Today is the first of that.

The next couple of weeks will be spent focusing on getting this blog up to date again. Being away for a month has caused me to be extremely behind. I have three book reviews I need to write, two film reviews and at least two series endings to discuss.

Now for a little bit of explanation. Over the last month I have been pretty ill. Not serious, just enough to put me out of action for a few weeks. I suffer from CFS and was unfortunate enough to catch a cold/flu virus. CFS is a Chronic disorder where you feel fatigued without doing very much. This is only a very simplified explanation but basically if you have CFS and pick up a virus it affects you a lot more than someone without a chronic disorder. Because of this I was out of work for two weeks and basically just didn’t feel up to doing anything. The times I did have energy I put into seeing friends rather than blogging or anything.

I am considerably better now and am back at work and back with the blogs. Stay tuned.



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