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Heroes: 100 Poems From The New Generation of War Poets || Collected by John Jeffcock


I’m a big fan of poetry but I’ve not read as much as I’d like to have, so I thought it would be a good idea to work through the books I already own. This one was a tough read but when it comes to poetry I think that can be a good thing. Regarding this book it definitely was. The book was hard to read because it spoke of life lost, of spouses, children, parents waiting by the phone, it spoke of stolen innocence and PTSD, it spoke of being abandoned by your government and so much more.

The book is definitely a big eye open in the lives of soldiers and the family of soldiers. With poems written by daughters, son, wives, soldiers, and military nurse this book forces you to consider every angle of the effects of war.

Poem by poem this book was heartbreaking to read and at other times it was angering. I would definitely recommend this collection to anyone who wants to explore the subject of war from a personal perspective


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