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Goodbye Moffat, Hello Chinball

Tonight it was revealed that Steven Moffat is to be handing over the reigns of Doctor Who to its third showrunner since the revival. Speculation has been flying around for a while about who would be the next showrunner especially with Moffat hinting that he was ‘closer to leaving than starting’. Moffat’s time with Doctor Who has definitely been a controversial one; many lovers, many haters. I lean more towards the latter but I can’t deny that there are parts I loved to go in with the parts I hate.

At the beginning Clara was annoying for me, but in the end I grew to love her desperately. I came to find Clara a wonderful and relatable companion. However, I can’t help but follow this up with the fact that I often felt a lot of confusion regarding the different versions of her in the universe and the start when she is a Dalek.

Oppositely, I loved Amy and Rory at their start, but as the series’ progressed with them, Ii found myself getting more and more annoyed with them. Rory became ‘death of the week’ to the point where I felt very little at his deaths and there seemed to be a lot of resetting the universe going on there. However, I sobbed when they were split and they argued about not being able to have children and broke down, I sobbed at leaving them.

I loved the Weeping Angels, but then they became too much. The tautness of Blink was undermined, I felt, by the continued use of the weeping angels with more powers, they were already terrifying. And really, why the Statue of Liberty? It’s not made of stone.

I’m not the biggest fan of the eleventh  Doctor but I can’t resist references to the coolness of bowties or doing the drunk giraffe. I also adore almost everything about the 12th Doctor.

And that’s not saying anything on my feelings about River Song. Just no. However, I will stop there and move on. I cannot say I will be sad to see Moffat leaving and I am definitely excited to see what Chris Chibnall does with the show.

Chris Chibnall has a good track record with his writings. With Broadchurch and Life on Mars we know that Chibnall can hold his own with individual episodes and series. On top of that Chibnall has experience in the Whoniverse. With eight episodes of Torchwood and fiveepisode of Doctor Who behind him, Chibnall is in no way new to the world. Focusing solely on Doctor Who there’s certainly more episodes I like than dislike written by him. We have him to thank for

  • 42
  • The Hungry Earth
  • Cold Blood
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
  • The Power of Three.

The Hungry  Earth/Cold Blood two-parter was very thought-provoking and heart-wrenching. 42 was just such a wonderful episode. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship wasn’t my favourite but it was an enjoyable episode. And I think The Power of Three could have been a seriously brilliant episode if it had been longer.

All in all, I have a lot of faith in Chris Chibnall’s writing. I’m disappointed that we’re not getting a series this year, but hopefully series ten will be stronger because of it. Now it’s just a case of waiting and seeing how it goes.


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