Episode 50 || Solve the World (Spoilers Throughout)

Dammit Dante.

The episode was brilliant, it was always going to be. The problem is Dante Stack decided to follow the theme of a love of TV shows and do the ‘finale’ episode and then have a break. Granted he is still going to give us content, but it’s going to be a month before we get the next episode. Similarly to too many TV shows that I watch, he also left more questions posed than he actually answered.

At 55 minutes, episode 50 was longer than most episodes, but it was definitely worth the extra time. Jennifer Dash is finally away from the Druidry, she’s with some of the own Orion team and Lilith has disappeared, supposedly into another realm. Sir Isaac has a plan and Jenn is the guinea pig for it.

Virgin sacrifice, Stonehenge, the Summer Solstice, Mecca, other realms. Dante mentioned before that although it seemed like Solve the World is set in our world, it’s not so much. It reminds me of the Doctor Who Universe. It might follow our world with the countries, the political set up, etc, but it’s different because the Doctor doesn’t actually fly around in a TARDIS (unfortunately). In our world people don’t actually fall into other realms by sacrificing a virgin and there isn’t a druidry in Ireland (as far as I know).

I am very confused about Miles. It’s a big problem for me not being able to work out if he genuinely has feelings for Jenn or is just manipulating her as well. What I’ve worked out from listening to this podcast, is that if I met Miles I probably wouldn’t trust him one tiny little bit. While listening I am fascinated by him but there is not one thing that he has said that I believe completely. The really irritating thing is the fact that Dante will say things like “If we are to believe Miles Faa, he’s in love with Jennifer Dash”. if we are to believe give me some answers already!

I really hate Sir Isaac. He tried to kill Jenn and in one version would’ve succeeded. The connection with Schrodinger’s cat was great, it’s such a fascinating concept and to show Jenn’s death and then the version where she didn’t die was haunting, but even more so when she read the other version.

I am furious at Lilith for sacrificing Robin. That little boy had been so much in his short life and then to have it end so soon and in that way. That’s unforgivable. There is no excuse for that. However, as a character I like her. She is fascinating. I’m desperate to know where she ended up. If she was confronted by the image of herself, what did it tell her, what did she put into the box, where did she choose to go and who is she know with whatever she gave up gone? How did she know about the Stonehenge thing? Does she have the book?

Jenn in the other realm was so powerful. She said that she looked like Jenn so the subject didn’t detract from Jenn herself, but that was a distraction. Jenn was desperate – as I would’ve been – to know who she was and everything. I’ve already mentioned how haunting it was for Jenn to realise she could have been killed, but the whole scene continued to be mesmerising as Jenn was able to get rid of the guilt and bad feelings regarding… well, everything. Tiff, Flusher, Atticus, Scout and everything else.

Then at the end she’s given a choice, she can go anywhere she wants, she just has to focus on that place. And that’s where it ends. We don’t know where she’s going, how she gets there, how this whole thing works or anything. Damn, Cliffhanger, I can’t wait a month.



2 thoughts on “Episode 50 || Solve the World (Spoilers Throughout)

  1. I replied on facebook but wanted to post it here too!!! 🙂
    Josie, I agree! I have no idea what to think about Miles. honestly I was trusting him until just the last 2 episodes…. ughh. And I agree about Lillith! She is horrifically evil for killing Robin, but actually quite fascinating (as all strong women characters are….). If this was an Ayn Rand story, she’d win the in the end.
    And did you find the room scene so moving? this is the 2nd episode that has made me tear up. Wow… all that guilt given up! Man.


    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! Miles is so so confusing. Maybe one day we’ll work him out. It really was so moving, this isn’t the first episode that has had me close to tears. Jenn has been through so much and it all flooded through her but then… out. beautiful.


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