Episode 49 (and awaiting episode 50) || Solve the World

Waking up at 4:45 and not being able to sleep is decidedly not ideal, especially when you have plans for in the day and suffer from CFS. However, sometimes it can lead to good decisions.
Good decision one: download the WordPress app so I can blog without my laptop.
Good decision two: re-listening to episode 49 of solve the world.

Today being Tuesday (for me in the UK as least, it’s only just or not yet in America) means episode 50 of solve the world is finally going to be released. It’s been a long wait of two weeks. Members of The Solve the World society can access episodes a week early, however, creator Dante wanted everyone to received episode 50 at the same time, making it a two week wait for us society members.

Episode 49 is full of… Unanswered questions. Miles continues manipulating after killing Lorna in the previous episode. Now, my email correspondence with Dante Stack made it perfectly clear to him my feelings about Miles. I was heartbroken at his “death”, amazed at how return and furious when he killed someone. I need answers, mostly telling me who that so called girlfriend of his was and why she was told he was dead and some sort of definitive answer as to whether Miles really loves Jenn or is trying to manipulate her as well

Episode 49 is exciting as it finally see Jenn away from the druidry, finally seeing that the world has gone to hell while she was away from it all. It sets up for episode 50, which is essentially a season finale but thankfully without the months of waiting afterwards.

I have my concerns for episode 50, Dante has commented on his Facebook page, teasing fans with questions like “will all your favorites survive?” Personally I don’t think Miles will die because we’ve already thought he was dead during part two. Killing Jenn is unrealistic because she’s the protagonist and there will still be another 50 episode after the fiftieth. My worry is that the possible death might come to someone loveable like Atticus or Scout Further, which will be completely shattering.

However my second belief is that perhaps no one is going to die. Death is not always the worst thing that can happen, especially in fiction. Jenn has already been through a lot of fates that could be considered worse: becoming a murderer, the attempted rape in part one, being held captive, etc etc. My worry is that Dante has something planned that will destroy characters mentally even if they are okay physically.

My review of the episode will most likely come tomorrow morning, as I tend to listen to the podcasts at night, needless to say I am excited and terrified.


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