Music Talk

Rest in Peace, Major Tom

This morning brought with it a text from a friend of mine that was pretty simple. “David Bowie has died.” Google was quick to inform me that Bowie has cancer for eighteen months and died yesterday with his family. This news hit me hard, partly as a Bowie fan and partly as someone watching a grandparent with cancer. Anyway, I wanted to write a post in memory of David Bowie, by discussing how he has impacted my life. This is David Bowie for me.

David Bowie is my last relationship that ended over two years ago, but I still think of when I hear Space Oddity. Space Oddity is being at the bus stop duetting it then discussing what Major Tom’s story line is. It’s coming up with sad, mad and silly storylines for this character. It’s the character development in Ashes to Ashes.

David Bowie is going to said boyfriend’s house for my birthday two and a half years ago in June 2013 and getting The Next Day from him as a present.

David Bowie is walking along the river with a friend and realising that we both got into him around the same time. It’s discussing songs that we connected to the most and singing as we walked.

David Bowie is the TV shows that were inspired by his songs. It’s blasting out Life on Mars then crying with a friend over the storyline of Sam Tyler and laughing at Gene Hunt’s attitude.

David Bowie is Christmas. One of my top Christmas songs for years and years has been Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth with David Bowie and Bing Crosby. I could never not be in a Christmassy mood with that song.

David Bowie is getting excited at finding a t-shirt with him on and having to buy. He’s years later being in a shop and finding more and being disappointed because you can’t afford it

Rest in Peace, Ziggy Stardust

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