TV Talk

Season One || How I Met Your Mother

When I received an email from Netflix a few months ago telling me How I Met Your Mother had been added, I decided it was time to actually sit and watch it through. I had seen the odd episode on TV and remembered loving Lily.

So I started it and instantly loved Ted. He’s the first character we see and he’s an anxious, loving, obsessive type of character. I could relate to him, with his anxiety, with his need to know how things were going to go and what was happening. I understood him wanting to be in a committed relationship and not be alone.

As I continued watching, I found myself loving each of the characters for their own reasons. At the end of series two I would say that Robin is my favourite character. I could relate to her fear of being in a relationship, the pain of being in love with a friend and not knowing if it would work out or if you might lose them. I could relate to her independence and want to be alone while being desperately lonely.

Each character within this show is in a different part of their lives. Lily and Marshall are ready to settle down, the show starting with their engagement. However, as the series progresses, we see that although they love each other deeply and have big plans, there is a lot of differences between them. And we discover that Lily feels a lot like she missed out on opportunities because of this instant committed relationship which ultimately leads to their downfall. Marshall is in the place where he is looking for a ‘realistic’ job rather than the job he has a passion for because he knows they need money for their wedding and future and he understands the need to take the ‘realistic’ job even when people tell him he’s selling out.

Barney has a secure job. He won’t tell us what he does and it really does seem like he doesn’t go a lot but he’s clearly making a good amount of money. He is forever in high-quality suits which suggests money. He is not looking to settle down, he is not the relationship type of people. For him it’s about the hotness and the one-night stands.  And while I’m sure if I knew Barney in real life I would hate him, I find it impossible to hate him within the show.

Robin has a job that she didn’t plan on but she’s there now and she’s making the most of it. She knows the company isn’t great and that their viewership is low, but she is passionate about it and gets into whatever is going on with it. She lives in an apartment with 5 dogs (that we never see her walk, I hope they get exercise) and throughout the series we see how insecure and uncertain she is about everything within her life. She is not ready for commitment but she is in love with Ted.

Ted is completely ready for commitment, with his entire life planned out once he meets the perfect woman. He’s got his architect job and that’s secure. The problem is Robin keeps getting in the way of this perfect plan. The perfect couple who are just so different.

I love how this show explores these characters who are in their late twenties and the different things they are going through. The show is hilarious and heartbreaking. I believe it won’t be too long before you get my thoughts on season two because I plan to go straight back to watching.


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