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Issue One Draw the Marvel Way

When I saw an advert for this new magazine from marvel, I was tempted by it. All of the sensible parts of me that told me I shouldn’t be buying things when trying to save for switzerland went out the window because after all it’s only 99p for issue one. So today I found myself owning issue one.

I am in no way an artist. My art consists with words for the most part. Drawing has never been a strength of mine but that’s not to say I haven’t liked doodling and haven’t liked the idea of being able to draw something recognisable and good. I can draw a basic 2D TARDIS with a stick-man 11th Doctor, recognisable through his fez and bowtie but that’s hardly Van Gogh’s Starry Night is it?

With this magazine, I have no intentions of trying to recreate Starry Night eight, it’s just one of my favourite pieces of artwork (just below below Scream, Melancholy and Anxiety by Edvard Munch). My intentions with this magazine are a little smaller and more realistic. I just want to draw some superheroes.

When I first flipped through the magazine, I thought it was going to be basically impossible to follow the instructions. How of earth did step three follow on from step two. But then I actually sat down and began drawing looking at the steps that were provided and found that it was definitely possible to link steps two and three and all the rest.

I’m not going to claim any talent lies behind the creations of these images. What I am going to claim is that with this magazine anyone can draw. All you need for these that I created are the pen, pencil and rubber that came with the magazine. This are the first attmepts and of course I will be drawing them again and again. Now, all of you go and buy this magazine.



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