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Damned if you Do || Gotham (Spoilers throughout)

I put spoilers throughout in the title because while about ten weeks in in America, series two of Gotham hasn’t yet started in the UK. I’ve been lucky enough to find a link to watch it. I’ll then have to rewatch it with my Mum when it finally gets over here.

I have been so impatient for this series. I am the type of person who is no good at waiting, I can’t wait a week between episodes, let alone the months and months between series and the ‘season break’ thing that America feels the need to take. The type of person I also am, is one who then worries that because I’m so excited it’s going to be disappointing.

This wasn’t.

The first episode reengaged me with the show, reawakening my love for the character of Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle and of course Eddie Nygma. All of the characters are interesting and that is one of my biggest love of the show, it shows such a great depth of character.

The thing that has drawn me into this series the most is the development of Eddie’s character. In series one we see Eddie as a character who’s somewhat pedantic and obsessive with an almost sweet and innocent interest in riddles. By the end of the series he flips out but you feel that he is not completely ‘the Riddler’ at that point, and series two starts by following up. As a writer I have always been fascinated by twins and doubles. Gotham is exploring the Jekyll and Hyde characteristics that will no doubt end in sweet Eddie Nygma becoming the dreaded Riddler.

On top of that we have Jerome who everyone seems to think is the Joker. I can see it in the characterisation but I don’t really want to see a backstory for the Joker because the Joker is always making up histories and fooling people with them.

Bruce’s character is showing the determination and stubbornness that Batman is known for which is great. I honestly hope this show goes far enough to show us Bruce putting on the Batsuit for the first time and how that all escalates.

I also want to see Jim settling down and how he comes to have a daughter named Barbara given that Barbara his ex is pretty crazy in this. The whole police situation is a mess. Jim Gordon needs to be a cop and Harvey Bullock needs to not be running a bar and go back to being a cop. I hope that gets settled properly. I mean Jim has to be a cop because Commissioner Gordon.

We’ll just have to wait and see for more episodes.


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