TV Talk

Series One || Fear the Walking Dead

This series only took me a couple of days to get through because it was disappointingly only six episodes long. I am now beginning with The Walking Dead itself as I wait for series two of Fear the Walking Dead to answer questions for me.

From the beginning I was interested in the characters and the family dynamics. Nick as a drug addict was a fascinating character and his battle with wanting to be off the drugs for his family but needing the ‘medicine’ had the potential to be such a fascinating one. Alicia who felt excluded because the focus had to be on Nick but desperately cared about her brother had the potential to be a really great character. Maddy a guidance counsellor barely able to keep her family together. Travis a peaceful man forced into unpeaceful actions. Lisa the ex wife and Chris the son from the previous marriage…

There were so many areas that could’ve been explored with great depth and interest. Throwing these characters altogether along with three people they barely know… The dynamics explored should’ve been intense and wonderful to watch. Instead I felt rather… Let down by the show. I felt like the characters were never shown in the depth that was needed, we never got to know them. There never felt like there was a human closeness or reality about it.

There were some moments of truly amazing humanity and human nature being shown, but they rarely felt like they were followed up and continued in such a strong way.

All in all I really did like the show and I am desperate to know what is going to happen after the way series 1 ended but I felt it could’ve been a lot stronger. Mmy feeling is that they tried to do too much in a very short about of time and it didn’t work.  I’m hoping that I’m not let down by the Walking Dead itself in the same way.


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