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Days Gone By || The Walking Dead

Being the type of person who is attracted to shows that explore human nature and human interaction, I was suddenly interested in the Walking Dead when a work friend told me that it’s not about Zombies, it’s about humans. I raced through series one of Fear the Walking Dead and previous posts will give you my thoughts on that.

I have now just finished episode one of the Walking Dead itself and already I am extremely intrigued by it. A little disgusted I have to say because I do not handle gore well at all. But already I feel like there is a deeper depth to the character of Rick than we got of the characters in the six episodes of Fear the Walking Dead.

In the few minutes that showed us leading up to him being shot, we got an idea of the volatile relationship between him and his wife and we saw from him what felt like really human emotion. For me, hearing Rick say that he would never say anything that cruel to Lori showed instantly how much his wife and his son mean to him and how much he hates the situation their relationship is in. As we see them waiting for the shoot out, we get more of an idea of who Rick is as a person because he has no time for the petty banter and sick humour going on around him.

When he wakes disorientated and confused, there is something powerful in the way the shots are filmed and the way he walks around aimlessly, that bring us right into that moment. We see the close ups of all the white sheets over bodies before we see the expanse of just how many are there. It’s slow and it’s powerful showing us how serious and big this situation is. This situation that we know more about than Rick.

The entire episode moves like this, we are shown so much emotion with just a few characters. Rick through the fact that his wife and son are missing, the man because his wife is a zombie and he cannot bring himself to kill her. Seeing his eye against the target of the gun and the tears slipping out of it, while his son is downstairs trying to hide the gunshot noises.

Already these characters feel like they are going to take up a part of my heart, I know I am going to be torn around by them, I’m going to be feeling so much of what they feel. And right now, I wish I didn’t need to sleep because I seriously want to know how Rick is going to get out of the tank.

And I don’t understand how this could get it so right, make me feel and understand so much in one episode and the prequel show didn’t manage it in six.


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