Solve The World

A fictional Adventure story told in 100 parts10300502_334897136711521_4999591538585585205_n

Okay I had to start the post like that because that’s how Dante starts each episode. Solve the World is one of three Podcast addictions I have at the moment (the other two are 365 Honest Questions about the Bible and Welcome to Night Vale) so I thought I would bring this blog back to it’s original point – to talk about the stories that are infiltrating my life.

Solve the World is exactly the type of story that I like. It builds up and the main character – Jennifer Dash – grows so much along the way. It has realistic character development. We’re in the mid-forties in terms of episodes now, so almost halfway through the whole thing and I’m certain the Jennifer Dash who left her home on this quest would not recognise the girl who exists in the current episodes. Jenn has been through so much and you see that growth in her character.

I recently went back and listened to episodes one and two and Jenn is so naive and young and has no idea of what is in stall for her, but all of the changes that we see don’t detract from the character we know but rather show growth and a better understand of her as she gains a better understanding of herself.

So to tell you about the Podcast itself. Each episode is roughly 20-30 minutes long and Dante updates twice a week. (I say Dante here so casually as though we’re great mates because I’ve had three emails from him). At the end of each episode he gives an infuriatingly vague idea of what is to come in the next episode. I listen to it through Podbean because I have t
hat app on my phone and it easily lets me download episodes to listen to without internet access. They are also available on iTunes, Stitcher and any where else you can get Podcasts from.

The story follows teenage Jennifer Dash as she leaves her home and her home town and sets out on a quest to solve the world. Jenn doesn’t really have any idea what this means to begin with – nor am I sure she knows in episode 44 – but she is determined to find out. With some spoilers to episode one I will tell you, that she learns the myth of leviathan and decides that that is the starting point to solving the world. She has to find Leviathan and then all hell breaks loose and Jenn is thrown into adventure after adventure.

You need to listen to this podcast because otherwise you will never knew who the Numbered Man is or understand my adoration for Miles Faa and how I am STILL NOT CONSOLED OVER THIS SITUATION BY THE WAY DANTE. You won’t meet Atticus and Scout (yes named after what you’re thinking of, obviously) You won’t get to love Tiff or meet the Giraffe. If you don’t listen to it this won’t make sense. 12310549_474806409387259_5803528448769000759_n


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