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I was disappointed, though I have to say, sadly, not surprised by the result of the MP vote on Syria this week. Although I knew in my heart of hearts that there was no way it was going to end well, I guess there was still a part of me hoping that it would go the other way.

I cannot say I support this decision. We are adding fuel to a fire that we long ago lost control of. We are blundering into another war that we don’t really understand. We keep talking about protection, about saving people but what we’re doing now is putting another lot of hundreds and thousands of people – innocent people – in danger. We are entering ourselves in and killing who knows how many civilians because we think it will help.

The worst part about this is that it is obviously what the terrorist want. They want us to isolate muslims, they want us to attack innocents. With us taking actions like we are, we are feeding into their hands. We are making it easier for them to convince people to join them. It’s not hard to make a country to look like the bad guy when you’re going around bombing people. It’s interesting and horrific that that statement could be used to describe them or us.

397 in favour

223 against



3 thoughts on “Syria

    1. That’s the problem of this entire situation. If the backlash and the fallout only hit those who were guilt of the terrorism, if there were any way that was possible, I might, might be more willing for it. But it’s not and it can’t be. Too many people are going to get hurt. There’s already thousands of refugees fleeing that Europe are treating appallingly and we’re just adding fuel

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      1. Yes i agree with you. The backlash as one can see now are twofold. Refugee problem will increase manifold as people will flee. This will have short and long term repercussions. ISIS will surely hit back with more terror attacks.


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