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Princess and Prince Cambridge

Today the British Monarchy’s facebook page released new pictures of Princess Charlotte now that she is 6 months old. The time has flown by. I remember when she was due and I was constantly checking for updates and finally Charlotte was born. She was born on the birthday of one of my closest friends and we found out partly through another friend texting me and partly through the large screen tv at the bowling alley we were at. It hardly feels that this happened 6 months ago.

Princess Charlotte’s first appearance
Prince George’s first appearance


This was the picture that was released when Kate and Charlotte left the hospital. Charlotte looked a very peaceful baby with her brother’s chubby cheeks and looking nice and warm in the woollen hat. Despite being 3oz less, when compared with the picture of George when he was born, Charlotte seems to be the bigger baby. The difference is of course very small. Charlotte was born at 8lb 3oz and George at 8lb 6oz. From this moment it was clear that the two were to look alike. Of course this can be expected with siblings, but it’s key to remember that not all siblings have obvious similarities.


Now that these six months has past, I 11222397_1030475876974242_7489654121155208378_nagain want to look at Charlotte in comparison to her big brother. Kate just released this picture of  Charlotte so beautifully sitting on a chair.
And I’m going to compared it to the picture of George at around the 6 month period, sat on the steps with a gorgeouimgs Queen’s Guard’s vest on. From these two pictures it’s clear that Charlotte is quickly growing up to be just like her big brother, at least in looks. We’ll have to see whether these similarities remain as the pair grow older.


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