Book talk

Hound of The Baskevilles

In talking about this book, I want to focus more on the location settings that the plot of the novel. Although the plot was interesting it wasn’t what made me want to read it and it wasn’t what made me love everything about it.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spent time in Scotland, London and Devon. From this experience of Devon, he expresses the feeling of being on Dartmoor in a way that I could relate to. Dartmoor is nearby for me and having climbed Hound Tor and visited it a number of times I know the area that he is writing about.

Doyle refers to the Moors when they are spoken about by a person from Devon as being such a phenomenal place. He speaks of the love and pride and wonder that the people who are from there have from it. He speaks of the way they get defencive and annoyed when people try and say anything against it. And on top of all that, he speaks about the way people who are not from Devon don’t seem to understand the love and fear that surrounds Dartmoor.

Reading the book felt like being home to me. It felt like wandering the moors which is something I have taken from granted in the last years years. When I was working on my Dissertation I set a lot of it on Dartmoor and forgot to describe what Dartmoor was because I took it as a given. I honestly wish I had read this book then, Doyle explains it in a way that is relatable for people who know it, but accessible to people who do not.

You all should read it. Everyone should experience a little bit of Dartmoor in their life.


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