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Hell Bent preview (spoilers)

We’re now six days away from the series finale of Doctor Who Series Nine. Yesterday brought with it the penultimate episode and you can read my thoughts about it on my previous post.

I have enjoyed this series more than the previous couple partly because Peter Capaldi was born for this role and partly because the writing has considerably improved. My concern now is the Hell Bent cannot live up to the series. Episode one of this series was so powerful and dramatic that people were comparing it to a series finale and with only a couple of let downs, the series went from strength to strength.

Heaven Sent has sored to become one of my all time favourite Doctor Who episodes. Very few episode have captivated me the way this one did, very few have left me unblinking and lost in wonder and amazement as this one did. The episode ends with the Doctor on Gallifrey, leaving the next episode to show us the Doctor’s action now he is back on Gallifrey.

The struggle to get to Gallifrey is one that has  directed the last two series of Doctor Who and my worry is now that we’re here… What will that mean. Much like I feel the 50th Anniversary Episode should never have have tackled the Time War, I am worried to see the Doctor back on Gallifrey. The simple reason for feeling this is that it can never truly live up to what it has been held up to be. The Time War felt disappointing to me and a number of Whovian’s I know because we heard about the Doctor as a monster who was lost in the war and we saw a fed-up Grandad in the anniversary who did nothing worse than deface a wall.

Hell Bent certainly looks dramatic. The promo pictures show us Daleks and Cyberman. As any Whovian knows tying up either of these creatures does not make it any less dangerous, so I’m certainly interested in seeing what happens there. However, I have more interest in the Time Lords themselves.


As always the Time Lords are dramatic and looking like they are more interested in a spectacle than the war they may or may not be in the middle of. Time Lords have always have always been a ridiculous race in the way they come across and the way they act, so I’ve no doubt that that will continue through Hell Bent. I hope the Time Lords are written well, less… like Russell T Davies wrote them in End of Time and more like Classic Who. End of Time was not one of Davies’ stronger episodes and I want to see less of the  Time Lords if that is how they come across.

I am in two minds about whether or not I want Gallifrey’s return to be a permanent fixture. Gallifrey played an important but intermittent part in Doctor Who throughout the classic series and it would be interesting to see it there in new who. However, I’m not sure new who quite has a grasp on not over using things, and if Gallifrey were to become overused then I would rather it not be an option at all.

As I mentioned in my ‘Face The Raven’ post, I am not much of a fan of Ashilda/Me, so seeing her in the ‘next time trailer’ at the end of Heaven Sent did leave me somewhat disappointed. However, there is intrigue around what she said in the trailer. I do want to know what ‘truth’ she speaks of.

I am fascinated and currently buying into a theory that I read on DoctorWhoTV that when the  Doctor says “The hybrid is me” that he is not talking about me as in himself but rather Me as in Ashilda. This would explain her return, it would also be better than having the Doctor being half-human become officially canon.

All in all there is a lot of think about and I find myself wishing I had a TARDIS so I could fast forward to next Saturday to watch the episode without the wait.


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