TV Talk

Breaking Bad

While looking through Netflix a few weeks ago, my eye was caught by Breaking Bad. Friends at University had recommended the show to me and I had always meant to watch it. The truth was I was worried about disliking it and having to tell people I didn’t like a show that they had highly recommended, that is never a nice position to be in. A year after graduating and almost a year after talking to a couple of those people, I decided to start watching. The premise was interesting and it did seem like something I would enjoy watching.

I am not the stereotypical Netflix watcher who starts a show and gets through the entire boxset in a week if not less. I have been capable of that with shows before. However, Breaking Bad began a little too dramatically for me to binge through. After episode two it was a good week and a bit before I could even bring myself to watch it again. I won’t give away what happens, I will just say that it is not for those of you who don’t like bloody gore.

However, I did come back to it and I don’t regret it. The thing that drew me to come back to the show when I felt like I was forever scarred by the ending of episode two, was the family set up between Walter, Skyler and Walt Jnr (plus Hank and Marie). The characters are so interesting and throughout the show I found myself continually interested by them all because we were constantly seeing the storyline from each point of view. We were honestly able to see why Skyler was furious while simultaneously feeling sorry for Walter for getting caught up in all of this mess. The character of Jesse was always interesting but seeing his backstory through a trip to his parents made me respect him more as a person. Jesse is a somewhat heartbreaking character, who at the start of the show I never expected to get attached to.

My Mum and I both got into the show, which is great as my Mum rarely really gets into shows. The show is an 18 and I’ll be honest and tell you that normally what I watch isn’t higher than a 12a in its rating but I would recommend this show, to anyone who can handle some dramatic and gruesome actions. We are currently part way through series 3 and are looking forward to get further along in it.


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